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Tips on hunting someone's property and/or getting permission to;1. If you get a chance to hunt anywhere on a Main Street, (the one the most traffic is on) People will see you out and become familiar with you so when you show up at there door one day, they'll recognize you, and they'll already know how good of a "digger & filler" you are, lessening there fears of what their lawn will look like after you come through. 2. When hunting someone's property who is "picky" about what is left (visual marks) take along a plastic pail, with any clean empty cool whip or chip dip tub. Use the tub to clean out the deeper holes, putting the dirt into the pail, when done, pour it all back in the hole. Also doubles as a nice place to carry your digging tool as well, and won't make a mess(dirt traces) in their lawn. 3. Use 4" coil instead of 8" to help pinpoint better, and dig unless area. 4. Answer all questions from everyone that comes along while working a site, it may seem to be a bother but, sometimes they are interested enough to let you try their lawns, and maybe even turn them into MD'ers. 5. Find homes that are going through remodeling or repairs (die fixing a porch, re-siding, re-roofing) although there will probably be more nails than normal, remember this; the owners already have "Bob's Home Repairs" trucks driving across his nice lawn, so what better time to do some digging? Tell him that when the workers are done, so are you. 6. When asking permission, take along some coins (silvers work nice, polish them up), tell the owner that this is what you've found at houses like theirs, this usually will peak there interest, who wouldn't like to tell there friends that there are silver coins in their yards, die bragging rights? 7. Print business cards with your name on it & phone number, if you know some prominate business men or people in town (judges, policemen, attorneys, board members, etc.) ask if you can hunt there property as well as mention their names to prospects. In most towns we all buy goods by word of mouth, and when we know someone good (like LuckyDan) we always refer someone like that. Remember, an initial "NO" maybe changed later,if you give them the info. They can check you out for themselves. 8. Lastly, when digging, always take care to clean up best you can, I've MD'ed at a park across the street from a row of houses, And you'd be surprised how many people watch you (unknown to you while digging) that will see you in the store later and start asking questions (like # 4) the next thing you know, you've got an open invite for their lawns because they saw how well you treated a public place.

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