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I have a BH True Track ( a unit sold by Fingerhutt, made excluisively for that market by BH) It is equal to the QD in composition) I hunt the Atlantic Beaches here, and have experienced that same problem also. (because of all the mineralization of salt water) In Salt Water or Wet Sand..(they are really one and the same..Wet Sand is nothing more than Sand just having been doused recently with Salt Water) I normally run in ALL METALS with the Sensitivity almost all the way down..if the Unit is still going Bonkers..turn it off for a minute or two, wipe the coil with a clean soft rag to remove any visible water or sand. Take it back up to just where the dry sand meets the wet. Stand with one foot over the dry sand..and the other slightly over the wet sand..turn the MD back on, again in ALL METALS, and test swing from dry sand and across into the wetsand area. Adjust the sensitivity to a general comfortable setting. Normally I can swing along that line, but not completely to where a "wave" just wetted the sand, but where it is still wet from a previous wave. (It will go iratic, IF you swing TOO FAR into a REAL WET area, but.. you can hunt comfortably into some of the Not SO WET part.) Also drop a few different coins and items on both sides of the what I call the "Limitation Line" described above. Dry Sand should present no Problem, and you can run Higher Sensitivity. You can also run the other Modes (Disc or Notch with success on the Dry Areas) here again Test the Modes against dropped coins or items to see what is best for you. BLACK SAND..I still hunt in All Metals...The Trick I have found out is to NOT TOUCH the Black Sand with your Coil. The Black Sand here is normally in a Top Layer Crusted Form ( about two to three inches thick) and by staying at least an inch above it, and not making contact with it (practice) I pick up a lot of change with my BH. Also you can usually scrape away a section of the Black Sand with your foot, and detect it a little deeper. IF YOU MAKE CONTACT with your Coil to the Black Sand, also WIPE THE COIL OF the Sand on it,( I carry a rag in my pocket just for this). Hope this helps. Luck!

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