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Here is a Battery idea that may be of help.....I was in a photo shop about a year ago and saw some "AA" size batteries I had never seen before. They were Energizers, but these had a Gold body and about 1/2in. down from the top (+ end) was burgandy/red. I ask the attendant about them and he said they were new and were very long life. They are called "Energizer--High Energy Lithium". After buying enough to use in the auto-winders of both my cameras ( 4 each ), and in one flash attachment (4 also), I headed home. I am proud to say that the ones in the auto-winders are still going strong after a year, and I have replaced the ones in the flash only once, and it has always been hard on batteries. I have been using this flash for about three years, and I would swore that the flash is a little brighter also. These batteries have just recently became available in this area in 9 volt. They are not over sized and fit very nicely into the Shadows battery area. I was able to get around 28 hrs. out of the first one I used in a Shadow. It wasn't dead after that, I just took it out yesterday and put it into a small flashlight I keep in the glove box of my pick-up, and it shines nice and bright. So far they can't be found at the Wal-mart, K-Mart, or Lowes, or any place like that here. I had to order them through the photo shop where I originally found the "AA" size, and there was only a small difference in cost between them and the top of the line you normally find everywhere. They are cheaper by the 24 count box, and have very good shelf life as well, based on what I have seen with the "AA" size which I now use in everything I have that requires "AA" size batteries. Just a thought, something you may want to look into. Be Well, God Bless, & Good Hunting, "DigginDaddy"...( Clif )

child metal detector

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