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Getting Permission: Sometimes gaining permission to hunt someone's property may be negative, but don't give up hope. Sometime ago I asked the police chief of my town to hunt a piece of property he owned. The old place was empty and had been partially burned and through speaking to him, it was under investigation for arson. He turned me down due to these circumstances. I waited for a year or so and asked again and was granted permission. I'm glad I persisted,because after clearing the area of newer date coins I began to find silver. Silver mercuries, roosevelt dimes, a soldier's dog tag issued prior to W.W.II. Then as the finds became more scarce, I had a good signal that kept registering in the nickel/foil range and since I've found many gold rings in this range,I decided to dig this one also. Yes you've geussed it,it was a very nice 14kt. gold wedding band that was produced in the thirties. So do not, and I re-iterate do not give up after being turned down. Persistence can be a nice reward. Charles Vance

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