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Never allow yourself to try and out race the other guy, we all find things, that's what this hobby is all about. Don't become competitive, work slowly, keep in mind that this is your enjoyment not your lively hood, enjoy what you are doing. Very soon now in the North Country of New York State we'll be taking to the fields, go back to any area that produced for you last year, re-hunt the same ground, concentrate on the sounds, this is your greatest in metal detecting, it is very similar to fishing, be patient, never mind the speed walking, sweep the area very carefully and listen.Sometimes it is useful to enlist the aid of a family member, have them 'salt', your driveway, use coins, pull tabs, steel bottle caps, all covered with a handful of snow, now you know exactly where the targets are, but you don't know what the target is, try and identify each one before peeking, a very worthwhile test of yourself and equipment, experiment, don't be afraid to boost up the settings, see what higher settings do to affect your ability to identify the target, it's fun and worthwhile. Tom.

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