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How to clean your metal detector treasures

How do you clean what you found? Well, thatís a good question. It really depends on what you found and what is covering it but here are some suggestions.

First we have to assume that what you found with your metal detector is made of metal and most likely, a soft metal like gold, silver, copper or brass. You may even find pewter or lead artifacts like pottery or bullets from historical battles. These are also soft metals so you donít want to use abrasives like sandpaper, tumblers, metal brushes or sandblasting unless you have to. The best bet is to start with a little dish soap and warm water. Use an old toothbrush to help things out. Typically the soft metals are not susceptible to corrosion so the water does not bother them but dry them anyway.

If the artifacts or treasures have ridges and valleys like jewelry or coins, try an ultrasonic cleaner. You can buy these at most department stores in the jewelry department. You donít want to sand, sandblast or even tumble coins. You could destroy the markings that make them valuable.