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Friends and Metal Detecting

By Dan Breitenstein

I've always considered myself somewhat of a reclusive person. It seems all the hobbies I've had have lent themselves handily to the premise of solitude. My main hobby of Kentucky Rifle restoration is a prime example of my desire to spend countless hours alone, concentrating on meticulous details, wood grain patterns and shades of color.

My wife and I have a wonderful marriage and we do spend ample time together, but she has been a widow to my hobby for many years. She knows that when I head for the basement, there is an unwritten sign on the door that indicates my desire to be left alone.

When I started metal detecting awhile back, I started just as I always have, quite by myself. I recently made a discovery that really took me by surprise. Metal detecting can be twice as much fun if you take along a friend to share it with.

I started hunting recently with a couple of co-workers that bought detectors from me and I found that I absolutely enjoy their company. We all lead lives that follow completely different paths, but are drawn together by our seach for that elusive high toned cross signal.

You would be amazed, just as I was, at the generousity that seems to exude from people when they get together to metal detect. I've been invited on two separate occasions now to join in hunts on ground that they had saved for themselves to hunt. I now plan on inviting them to join in on a special hunt that I have set aside, knowing they will probably each walk away with the elusive silver that we all covet so much.

My original intention in accepting their invitation was to provide a service to my customers and get them started with their new machines. After the first outing when they both hit silver and I didn't, I realized that the friendship brought on by the hunt was of more importance to me than all the silver left to be found. My wife, of course had a rollicking good time with my failure to hit silver and jabbed me (good naturedly) about it for days.

Friendship is a word that I have never used lightly. Most of the people that really know me would say that I have very few friends. Introspectively, this is not something I'm proud of, and to be quite honest with you, it's a sad thing to say about any person my age. But, the friends I've made metal detecting seem to be the best I've ever had.

So the next time you head out to swing that coil, stop and think for a moment about inviting someone else along. You may learn something from them and they may learn something from you, but no matter who learns what, you will both benefit from each other in the form of friendship.